New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

Issues of Writing of Teachers and Impact on High School Students

Natasha Kazmaj, New York High Schoo (Albania)


The methodology used for writing of students in Albania, to date has been associated with concerns surrounding our students up to higher levels of education.  The continuous reforms and lack of stability in the Albanian education might have had a negative impact both in the teaching methods on the teachers’ writing techniques and the impact of that writing methodology and learning on our students.  During my long teaching experience I have observed that students reflect the same writing issues as their students. As a result, the present study is intended to test how really the teachers’ writing methodology affects their students and to identify the most serious bottlenecks or issues in the methodology applied to teach correct writing and on the basis of Albanian grammar rules. Accordingly, the study attempts to respond to research questions such as: Which are the problems of teachers’ writing in upper secondary education in Albania? Which is the methodology used by the teachers in teaching writing techniques? What is the impact rate of the teachers’ writing model on the students’ writing?

The study pursues a theoretical and empirical approach, with the participation of about 112 teachers of the schools of upper secondary education in Albania and 400 students of that level. The study target group includes students of public schools because they also represent the largest number of population. The research methodology will be the one under triangulation, mixed, where a series of analyses and measurement instruments will be employed. Data analysis will be conducted via SPSS regarding the statistical analysis and thematic analysis in the case of interviews with the experts of this area, teachers of this profile. Finally, the study will be closed with some conclusions and recommendations on the proper methods for interventions in this issue of Albanian education.

Keywords: Teaching methodology, writing techniques, student, teacher, upper secondary education.


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