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Edition 13

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Master Course - Innovation Simulation Game

Börge Kummert, Campus02, Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (Austria)


An innovation simulation game was developed in cooperation with HYVE business consultancy. The simulation game supports management decisions along the general stage and gate process of innovation projects. The game begins with the idea and ends in a business model presentation according to the Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder & Pigneur.

In order to show students the typical work packages during innovation projects, this playful approach was applied during a two day seminar. Within the scope of this seminar the following aspects must be executed by students in chronological order: 

1. Definition of the respective Product or Service

2. Description of the product’s or service’s added value

3. Determination of positioning on the market and of marketing strategy and measures

4. Description of the cost and revenue structure

5. Comprising illustration of the idea including points 1-4 in a Business Model Canvas

In the seminar four groups compete with each other while working on four similar business ideas and start-up companies, respectively. Students work on each aspect based on guiding key questions. Finally, students have to pitch each asspect in order to aquire money. The winning group is the one that ultimately acquired the most money. 

With this method, students learn playfully important stages of innovation projects. On the one hand, they acquire skills in selling their ideas plausibly and on the other hand they are encouraged in critically questioning other business ideas.



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