New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Teaching Science through Literature,"20000 Leagues under the Sea": A Practical Case

Ana Villaescusa Lamet, President of Diverciencia (Asociación Amigos de las Ciencias) (Spain)

Liliana Fernándes, Teacher in Esporoes (Portugal)

Palma García Hormigo, Colegio Puertoblanco (Spain)


This is a science teaching project for children in Pre Primary and Primary that we are currently developing teachers from Portugal and Spain. This project has now been admitted by the Executive Committee of Science on Stage which has facilitated the exchange between both countries, making possible the approach of a Joint Project with two years' duration. We have just finished the first of them. Our main objective is to stimulate the curiosity of the students, through the reading of the Jules Verne book, and to introduce them in the so-called STEM through the design and later execution of simple experiments in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Robotics. We also consider it a priority to create a conservation conscience, and work on the equipment. We have had several speeches given by specialized specialists in marine pollution, diving techniques or sustainable fishing. The students have studied the flora and fauna of the different seas through which the Nautilus navigated, they have worked the food chains and the antropic influence on the imbalance of them, they have made simple experiments of Chemistry or Physics as well as synthesizing "giant octopus mucus" (slime) and making a simple periscopes. They have classified algae by their colors, performed chromatographies and understood the use of them in food or cosmetics, they have started in programming and robotics...
In  this first year of work, students have become aware of the importance of the marine environment and its conservation, acquiring basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Programming. They have extended the periods of attention and improved their ability to interact with peers and adults. We consider it a priority to discover new paths in the teaching of Science, which are suitable for the 21st century students. Therefore, we are satisfied with our experience with this project.

Keywords: Science, Jules Verne;



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