New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Review the Accounting Students’ Opinion about Teaching Techniques and Personal Traits of Accounting Professors

Arezoo Aghaei Chadegani, Islamic Azad University - Najafabad Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Somayeh Sadeghi Alavijeh, Islamic Azad University - Najafabad Branch (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


Increasing the number of universities and higher education institutions and also decreasing the tendency of students to continue their education in universities for graduation levels is an important issue that must be addressed. The main objective of this study is to survey the accounting students’ opinions about teaching techniques including the valuation method and also personal traits of accounting professors. The resaerch sample includes all B.A accounting students in last year of their education in Islamic azad university, Isfahan province. To assess the students' view of the current and desirable situation of teaching techniques, individual characteristics of  teachers and teachers’ evaluation methods, a standard questionnaire contains three components is used. For testing research hypotheses, t-test is used and the results show that the students’ opinion about the current situation of three elements is in low and weak level and there is a gap between the current situation and desirable situation from students’s viewpoint.

Keywords: Teaching Techniques, Personal Traits of Accounting Professors, Professors Evaluation Method;


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