New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Teachers and Technology - Be Aware or Beware?

Nitzan Koren, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Dina Tsybulsky, Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)

Ilya Levin, Tel Aviv University (Israel)


Today, in digital age, emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs) reshapes human life significantly. Fundamental changes belong both to human behavior and their worldview. In the field of education, the impact of the ICT on humans is manifested on three components of education: teacher, class, and student. Each of these components are affected in the digital age. The teachers' identity is a critical component of this triangle, that can throw light and explain why the field of education is still far behind when it comes to technology integration and the reshaping of education. In this paper, we propose a new model for study correlations between the teacher's identity and teachers’ worldview regarding ICT. Teachers' testimonies are used to place each of above components at its specific stage, according to the levels of the known SAMR model of ICT integration in education.
The Teachers testimonies verify the major difference between the way they (the teachers) adjust to the digital age and the way their students do. We applied the criteria found to be the main implication in the interviews and demonstrate how each component is in a different stage in any given criteria.
In order to succeed in reshaping education to fit the digital age, we will have to close the gaps. There are several teachers that are more digitally aware, but most of them see technology as a threat to society. The teachers describe the class as far behind in everything that concerns fulfilling their and their students' needs.

Keywords: Teachers’ Identity, Teachers’ Worldview, Digital Age, SAMR Model, Science Teachers;

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