New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Shifting from a traditional evaluation to a competence-based assessment in the degree in Primary Education

Juan Antonio Macías-García, University of Málaga (Spain)

María Teresa Sánchez Compaña, University of Málaga (Spain)

Cristina Sánchez Cruzado, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)


In this communication we show a part of the results of an action research carried out throughout three years in the degree in Primary Education in the University of Málaga based on the flipped classroom methodology. In this experience we took into consideration one of the suggestions given by students to improve the assessment of the subject during the first year and applied it during the next two years. This evaluation transitioned from a traditional standpoint in which the greater weight (70%) was a content-based exam, to an assessment based almost completely (90%) in the development of competences demonstrated through projects done about the subject. Students can choose to elaborate a group project with absolute creative freedom that encapsulates the contents of the subject. In most cases, these projects transcend the mathematical scope and transform into truly interdisciplinary projects which include topics such as history, gender studies or science. The flipped classroom methodology enabled to move the theoretical content outside the classroom letting the group work to be done in class and having the professor as a guide. Due to this, the quality of the projects has increased exponentially, to the point of considering a book for future Primary Education teachers in which each group can share their work and how can they be done. Lastly, this evaluation is done through several rubrics, a self-assessment and a peer assessment rubrics which each item is a competence translated into learning results.  

Keywords: Student assessment, competences, mathematics;

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