New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Qualitative Insights into the Results of Head Teachers’ Training Programme in Saudi Arabia, Based on the Kirkpatrick Model

Aljawaharah Alsalamah, University of Lincoln (United Kingdom)


Evaluation of training effectiveness is the measurement of improvement in the employee’s knowledge, skill and behaviour within the institutions as a result of training programme. Thus, it indicates whether the program has been able to deliver its intended goals and objectives. The aim of this study was better understanding the impact of head teachers’ training programmes and review the model of training effectiveness for the adoption by the training planners in their planning, designing and implementation training programme.The focus rested upon Donald Kirkpatrick’s last evaluation stage, the ‘results’ stage. Twelve expert supervisors of head teachers’ training programs were subjected to structured interviews answers. Findings revealed four main themes: Non-specific effects for training programmes; Head teachers' performance results; Results for Educational institution; and Factors affecting high positive impact. Overall, supervisors seemed confident that high quality training programs had a positive impact upon head teachers and institutions, but that there was space for improvement. The causes and consequences of training programs were identified, and improvement suggestions provided. These can be used in future research.

Keywords: Thematic Analysis; Training programmes; Headteachers; Results; Improvement; Female; Kirkpatrick;


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