New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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A Certification Framework for Managing Digital Skills According to DIGCOMP2.1

Aliki Panagiotarou, Hellenic Open University - University of Patras (Greece)

Bill Vassiliadis, Hellenic Open University (Greece)

Achilles Kameas, University of Patras (Greece)


This paper describes in detail a Certification System that outlines the rules, procedures and management for carrying out the certification of a specific subset of competencies of the DigComp 2.1 (the European Digital Competence Framework). It establishes specific requirements for the process used, tools of assessment, grading and certificate awarding procedures. The system is composed of a Framework that maps Competence Areas/Competences to digital-specific skills and describes how questions and answers for two complementary certification tests are derived. The system also contains a grading system for mapping the points gathered from the test to a DigComp certification level. The Proficiency Level is calculated for each Competence independently based on the results of both tests using a ‘fair’ algorithm. For each Competence, the set of skills that corresponds to the Proficiency Level certified is awarded. A case of applying the framework in a pilot that promotes learning of digital literacy through learning national cuisines and cultures is briefly presented. Seven Competencies from Competence Areas 1,2 and 3 of DIGCOMP 2.1 are used in this pilot and trainees are tested by a set of 86 pilot-specific questions.

Keywords: digital competence development , evaluation, certification system, DigComp 2.1;

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