New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

STEM Education Strategies within the Sporting Context

Isabel Urbano, Sinnerigak, Social Innovation (Spain)

Xabier Barandiarán, University of Deusto (Spain)

Igone Guerra, Sinnerigak, Social Innovation (Spain)

Alfonso Unceta, Sinnerigak, Social Innovation (Spain)


Basque Lanzadera Project is an initiative to boost STEM competences adopting strategies that have been successfully used in a sports environment. This project starts within the framework of the “Etorkizuna Eraikiz” program in Basque Country, that is a strategic framework of public policies launched by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa based on experimentation, innovation and public and private collaboration as an instrument to overcome the main challenges that the territory is presented with. One of challenge that is currently being worked on how to improve the STEM skillls. According to data from The European Center for the Development of Professional Training, the demand for professionals with this profile in Europe until 2020 will increase by 14%. In Spain only a very small percentage of graduates have STEM training. The purpose of the Basque Lanzadera Project is to promote this kind of talent throught the creation of teams of young people, who will participate in local and international STEM competitions. The main challenge is how to achieve a training model in STEM which exceeds formal or extracurricular training. The world of sport is a good example of how with more time and effort, in and out of established school schedule, it is possible to increase the rate of talented people. Adopting sports model is proposed for three reasons: Firstly, children and young people like to work in groups where they can learn about values of work and respect. Secondly, competition provides clear and measurable objectives, as well as hope and ambition to be a champion. Finally a team that competes with a club or entity creates affiliations, engagement with community, also it contributes to having a positive social visibility and it strengthens positive self-esteem. Another challenge is how to put together a business and schools network and how to design a schedule that shows events and activities to promote the competition. In conclusion, Basque Lanzadera Project proposes an approach that facilitates training for young people, ther by boosting and enabling the existence of a culture and strategy of STEM training wich will have high social impact.

Keywords: STEM education, learning strategies, sporting context, cooperative-collaborative learning, teaching-learning strategies, Competition-Based Learning;

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