New Perspectives in Science Education

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A Computer-Aided Blended and Scaffolding Learning Toolbox to Reinforce Numerical Concepts for Chemistry Education

Jin Su Jeong, University of Extremadura (Spain)

David Gonzalez Gomez, University of Extremadura (Spain)

Florentina Cañada-Cañada, University of Extremadura (Spain)


Information, computer and Internet as blended technology are receiving increased attention in education. The challenge of integrating the technologies into science education has been made to pay attention in a scaffolding mechanism. This research presents a computer-aided blended and scaffolding learning toolbox to reinforce numerical concepts for chemistry education, particularly developed in MATLAB environment and framed in Adobe Captivate 6 as a HTML5-based e-Learning application to be used for laboratory session. This toolbox provides different tools to establish the calculations needed to perform an instrumental analysis calibration and the quality parameters of an analytical chemistry method. This application named AChemFIT was used as one of blended and scaffolding learning systems. In addition, it includes the most relevant analytical tests that are normally used to study the possible matrix effect or to compare the results from different methods or students’ calculations. Through this tool, it can help students who can acquire the skills to establish the quality parameters of an analytical method in chemistry education. The main objective is to investigate how and to what extend students would benefit from applying new toolbox other than what are currently using in laboratory exercise. Survey conducted to measure the usefulness of toolbox proposed. The research concludes to solid results of professionals’ and students’ survey to introduce new application, other than what are now used in the area of chemistry education.

Keywords: Chemistry education, laboratory, computer-based learning, scaffolding, MATLAB, data analysis;

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