New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Stress and Time Management Behaviour in Medical students

Samreen Khurshid, Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus (Pakistan)

Rashid Rapheal, Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus (Pakistan)

Shumaila Khurshid, Punjab University (Pakistan)


The aim of conducting the present study was to explore the relationship between medical student’s stress and time management behavior. Furthermore study determined the gender differences in medical student stress and time management behavior. The sample of medical students (N = 200; Males = 100, Females = 100), age range between 19 to 22 years were taken from different medical colleges of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Abbottabad. The Student Stress Inventory and Time Management Behavior Scale were used. Pearson correlation and t- test were applied to test the hypotheses. The data was analyzed by SPSS version 21. Results indicated negative correlation between stress and time management in medical students. It was found that those students who had higher level of stress had also poor time management and vice versa. Results showed that female students displayed higher level of stress and highest scores as compared to the male students. The study concludes that stress negatively effects on time management among medical students. Female students exhibit higher level of stress as compared to the male students. 

Keywords: Student stress, Time management, Gender;


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