New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Urszula Poziomek

Institution: Educational Research Institute, No 8, Czerniakowska Str. 01-180 Warsaw, Poland

Address: Plac Przymierza 8 flat 52

Postal Code: 03-944

Country: Poland

Ms Urszula Poziomek, certified biology teacher at Jan III Sobieski General Secondary School No. 75 in Warsaw. From 2008 to 2012 she worked as a teaching counselor specialising in biology at the 4th educational stage (upper secondary schools) in Warsaw Center for Socio-Educational Innovation and Training (WCIES). She is co-author of biology textbooks for the 3rd and 4th educational stages, and of the report 'Eurydice Science Education in Europe, 2011'. In 2012 she was a leader of the Amgen Science Teacher Training Initiative (ASTTI) project. Since 2010 she has worked as a researcher in Science Section at Educational Research Institute in Warsaw in project Quality and effectiveness of education - strengthening of institutional research capabilities. Particularly, she researches non-formal science education in Poland and analyses Science curriculum of different countries. In 2014 she took part in coding of students’ answers in PISA study.

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