New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Stylianos Vourakis

Institution: University of Athens, Department of Physics

Address: Panepistimiou 30

Country: Greece

Stelios Vourakis was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Physics with specialization in Astrophysics at the Physics Department of the University of Athens where he also completed his master’s degree in Electronic Automation with specialization in Informatics from the departments of Physics and Informatics.
From 2006 until 2008 he worked as a software developer in the research programs Rhetor, which developed a phonetic gateway for accessing newspaper content, and Mnisiklis, which created a complete indoor navigation system for buildings. From 2007 he has been employed as a researcher at the University of Athens and has participated in several EU outreach projects, Learning with ATLAS@CERN, Pathway to Inquiry Based Science Education, Discover the COSMOS, Go-Lab and Inspiring Science Education where he has worked on software development and physics outreach. He is the co-author of the event display HYPATIA which is an educational/research tool used by thousands of students from all over the world.

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