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Ruta Renigere

Institution: Latvian University of Agriculture

Address: Stamerienas 2-5

Postal Code: LV 1006

Country: Latvia

Ruta Renigere is a guest lecturer in several Latvian universities and medical colleges. She has prepared and delivers the following academic and further education courses:
Holism and Holistic Health Care
Basic Principles of Communication and Interaction in Health Care
Health Care of Cancer Patients
Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Health Care Needs of Cancer Patients at Home
Since 2009, a study course of the Ecological Approach in Health Care has been developed and delivered and integrated in several medical colleges.

Education: (Bachelor of Health Science) from University of Latvia, 2005
Mg.Paed. (Master of Pedagogy) from Latvian University of Agriculture, 2007
Mg.scal (Master of Health Science) from University of Latvia, 2008
Currently, she is doing her PhD in pedagogy. The topic of her doctoral dissertation is The Principles of the Ecological Approach and the Ecological Consciousness in Education and Health Care

Ruta Renigere has often been invited as a guest speaker or expert to local and international conferences in nursing and education. She has also given talks on the current paradigm shifts in nursing and education disciplines.
She is an author of a number of internationally recognized scientific publications.

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