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Dritan Shoraj

Institution: Lecturer, Tirana University, Faculty of Economy

Address: Elbasani Street

Postal Code: 1000

Country: Albania

Dritan Shoraj is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana and is responsible for the subjects/modules of business management and corporate governance.

Dritan is graduated and holds a degree of Bachelor of Science, in the major of Finance at the University of New York, Tirana. Further, in 2008 he completed MBA (Master of Business Administration) studies at the above cited University. In 2014 he was conferred the title of Doctor of Sciences in Economics, University of Tirana.

He has conducted a series of scientific studies and attended various national and international conferences such as: Massivization of Albanian Higher Education: Relationship between the number of students and labor market demands in Albania, Thessaloniki, Greece. Effects of leadership style on the organizational performance of mobile companies in Albania, Paris, France. Organizational Change And Its Impact On Organizational Effectiveness In Albanian Businesses, Prague, the Czech Republic. Motivation and organizational effectiveness: case of secondary banking system in Albania, Texas, USA.

Difficulties of Albanian leader during global crisis and his characteristics, Pristine, Kosovo. Motivation And Its Impact On Organizational Effectiveness In Albanian Businesses, Sage Open. Remittances And Their Effectiveness For Poverty Reduction In Albania, Croatia. Test of Okun’s Law in Albania during the period 1995-2010, Prague, the Czech Republic. Role Of Leadership In Organizational Effectiveness In Albania, Thessaloniki, Greece.Labor Market Policies And Effectiveness, Bucharest, Romania, etc. Business Climate Versus The Attraction Of Direct Foreign Investments In Albania. The universities diplomas trend vs job opportunities in the Albanian market.

Dritan, as an expert in the field of economics, business management and administration, is one of the founders and Director of the Albanian Institute for Economic Growth. In the meantime, from January 2015 to June 2016 he is a project manager for the project “Improving Business Environment in Albania”. He is consultant for different projects and other local and foreign institutions, and external expert at the Delegation of the European Union to Albania.

He has also worked in management positions for a number of local businesses and state institutions such as Director at the Customs House of Bllate, Peshkopi, head of unit on the fight against trafficking of works of art and stolen vehicles at the Customs General Directorate, Albania.

Areas of expertise: teaching, business management, corporate governance and auditing.

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