New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Zheng Zhu

Institution: University of Queensland

Country: Australia

Zheng Zhu (right) and Xinxin Fan (left) are PhD students of the University of Queensland, Australia. Their research is about physics education in science education in China. So far, they have been involved in some research program such as Ming-De Experimental Project for Promoting the Quality of Elementary Education in China and Program for Promoting English Reading Ability of Primary School in China. They are active in conferences related to science education and have published several papers.
Based on their teaching experience, both of us want to contribute to Chinese education and research filed. With a legacy of rote learning and an inflexible exam system that dates back thousands of years, Chinese educational system is ill-equipped to adapt to changes. The whole society pays more attention to economic development and wants to earn more and more money, and then leaves education to different kinds of schools. Apart from student’s problem in certain cases, we believe that education itself and society have problems as well. This has made us seriously consider combining education research with humanity.
Our devotion to our wonderment has brought us a long way down the path towards our goals; however this is a path that has no real end. We think we are on the way to do something good for students and teachers.

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