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Amina Unis

Institution: Pharmacology Faculty of Medicinenuniversity of TabuknSaudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

Dr.Amina Unis is an assistant professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of medicine, University of Tabuk.
She graduated with an Honor Degree in 1993, from faculty of medicine at University of Alexandria.
She developed my skills as a physician in mother and child care unit and also in working as a resident physican at pediatric department in Alexandria University Hospital.
She was employed in teaching assistant position, in 1997, in the epidemiolgy Department, university of Alexandria where she improved her knowledge and skills in teaching and field work as regard collecting epidemiological data and she got her diploma in epidemiology.
In 1998, she was employed in teaching assistant position in the Pharmacology Department, university of Alexandria where she developed her skills in teaching to undergraduate medical students and nursing students.
In 2004,she got her master degree of pharmacology after doing a research on renal ischemia reperfusion on rats.
She attended nine different educational courses, offered by FLDP (Faculty and Leadership Development Project), where she acquired some fruitful knowledge.
In 2008, she taught pharmacology for the French section of medical students in Alexandria University.
In 2009,she got her M.D. in Pharmacology which was a conjoint work between Alexandria University and Georgia University-USAnIn September 2009, she have been promoted to assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Alexandria University and she is now on leave working at faculty of medicine, University of Tabuk.

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