New Perspectives in Science Education

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Lilian Pozzer Ardenghi

Institution: University of Manitoba

Country: Canada

Lilian Pozzer Ardenghi is Assistant Professor in Science Education at the University of Manitoba. She graduated with a Full Licentiateship in Biological Sciences from the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in Brazil, where she trained to become a biology teacher. She completed both her Master of Arts and her PhD at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada, working with Dr. Wolff-Michael Roth. She was also a SSRHC Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec.

Her research interests include semiotic analysis of the pedagogical role of graphical representations in scientific texts, particularly at the secondary school level; multimodal analysis of classroom interactions, emphasizing the integration of verbal and nonverbal communicative resources, especially gestures; and sociocultural approaches to identity negotiation in science classrooms.

She is the first author of Staging and Performing Scientific Concepts: Lecturing is Thinking with Hands, Eyes, Body & Signs (2010, Sense Publishers), and a co-author of Critical Graphicacy: Understanding Visual Representation Practices in School Science (2005, Springer).

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