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Ana S. Moura

Institution: LAQV@REQUIMTE, Departamento de Química e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto

Address: Praça Gomes Teixeira, Apartado 55142

Postal Code: 4051-401

Country: Portugal

Ana S. Moura is a Post Doc Researcher at LAQV-REQUIMTE, an internationally recognised research Centre in the area of Green Chemistry, formally chartered as a non-profit scientific organization, in January 2003, as a partnership of the Universities of Porto and NOVA Lisbon, located in the two main Portuguese cities. In the present configuration, it spreads out from the two main national metropolitan areas of Porto and Lisbon to integrate Aveiro and small sites in Coimbra, Vila Real and Evora.

Ana graduated in Physics from the University of Porto, and has a Master’s Degree in Computational Methods in Science and Engineering from the same university, as well as a PhD in Química Teórica e Modelización Computacíonal / Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling, from the University of Vigo. While enrolled in the postgraduate studies, she was also active as a teacher in high school and college, in areas ranging from Physics, Physicochemical studies or Biomaterials. Her interest in education also led to publications in the areas of evaluation and assessment of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Ana is passionate about Sciences, Arts and Literature, and is a published author of speculative fiction, namely on the fields of Alternate History and Science Fiction, for almost a decade, under a pen name. She co-coordinated the first anthology of a new speculative fiction subgenre, the Winepunk, which is to be released in February of 2019. Prior to becoming a published author of speculative fiction, she was already an author of elementary and high school handbooks in the areas of Physicochemical studies, the latter within the context of national exam preparation. She also coordinated high school handbooks in the areas of Mathematics and Portuguese within the same context.

Ana has been keeping a research publication track in several areas, from Biomedical and Biomedicine topics, such as nano drug carriers and dermal diffusion, to Nanotechnology, such as studies regarding the microscopic mechanisms of several reactions of industrial and biomedical relevance, like the electro-oxidation of methanol or ionic and radical adsorption on nanogold. She is currently also studying computational tools for eco and cytotoxicity prediction, namely within the context of quantitative structure-activity/toxicity relationships (QSAR/QSTR).

Ana is also currently researching on transversal fields, such as medical social networks, where, along with co-authors, she presented Mr. Silva and Patient Zero: A Medical Social Network and Data Visualization Information System in the International Conference On Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI’ 2018 (published In: Stoyanov D. et al. (eds) Simulation, Image Processing, and Ultrasound Systems for Assisted Diagnosis and Navigation. POCUS 2018, BIVPCS 2018, CuRIOUS 2018, CPM 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11042. pp 111-117, Springer, Cham), and the communications Educational Superavit: Human rights versus Education Policies and The Right be Human: enhanced drug induced neurocapacity and the impending arrival of real-life ‘exomental’ dystopias in the II International Conferences of Pathologies and Dysfunctions of Democracy in the Media Context (2018), in University of Beira Interior, where she explores how speculative fiction and imagination can be harvested for data for developing sociological, philosophical and educational models in a both quantitative and qualitative manner.

Areas of expertise: Educational Physics, Computational Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Ecotoxicity and Cytotoxicity In Silico Model Prediction, Speculative Fiction, Medical Social Networks, Distance Learning Assessment, Interface Chemistry/Sociological Models.

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