New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Francisco Castillo-Hernández

Institution: University of Almería

Address: Calle Antonio Muñoz Zamora, 4, 3º3

Postal Code: 04007

Country: Spain

Francisco José Castillo Hernández, graduated in Primary Education at the University of Almería in 2016. Subsequently, in 2017, he completed the Master's Degree in Research and Didactic Evaluation at the same university, with an extraordinary mention for his qualifications.

This same year he began working as a support technician for research at the University of Almería, winning a scholarship provided by "Garantía Juvenil" (organism financed by the European Union).

When the contract was finished as a research support technician, he won a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (October 2018) that will allow him to do a PhD in education for four years. He has completed his first research stay at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (January 2019)

During these two years (2017 and 2018) he has gone to five congresses and seminars as a listener, but also as a speaker ("II National Congress Scientix" or "28 Encounters of the Didactics of Experimental Sciences"). Similarly, he has published several articles in Spanish magazines ("Motivate to learn science or learn science to motivate? Sensopills to"engage "students and their teachers" or "It is not yet fall because they have not all fallen sheets! Proposal to change the contents of the stations ").

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