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Annalisa Boniello

Institution: University of Camerino

Address: via girolamo cerbone 26

Postal Code: 80124

Country: Italy

Annalisa is a science teacher and a PhD candidate in Teaching Earth Sciences (III year), University of Camerino School of Science and Technologies Geology Division.

Annalisa graduated in Natural Sciences – from the University of Naples "Federico II". Since then, she has constantly been working in the field of science education and new technologies.

Annalisa is an expert in the Science education and New techologies with a lot of courses and Masters: master in “Didattica Metacognitiva” IUL Italian University online Florence, master in Methodology and Technology for e-learning University of Florence, course in Science Education University of Naples Federico II, course at European schoolnet Academy in: Future Classroom Scenarios, Engage students in Stem Education, Games in school.

Annalisa has15 years of teaching experience in science, biology, chemistry and Earth Science in high school.
Annalisa is a delegate for Italy in Science on Stage 2013 in Poland and ambassador for ITEC project for European Schoolnet.Annalisa is a member of ANISN (National Association teachers in Natural Sciences).

Annalisa has participated in a Comenius Project on water “Act4Rivers: Active Citizens for Freshwater Ecosystems” and Comenius project on language and science, Spain–Italy. Annalisa is a presenter for a lot of conferences as “Smart education and technologies in Città della Scienza of Naples, Didamatica conference (2008 to 2014). Scientific Day in University of Camerino (september 2012, june 2013, june 2014), Scientix Conference (Bruxells, 2014), Opensimulator online conference ( november 2014), virtual worlds best practices in education (2014).

Annalisa is a tutor for new teachers in Didatec Avanced, a Project of INDIRE (National Agency for education) and a trainer for teachers for National Association Tutor E-learning (Anitel). Annalisa is a teacher in a lot of workshops for teachers in new technologies in education and in geosciences in University of Camerino.

Annalisa is an expert in design and teaching in 3D environments and in serious games.Some projects are: Science Island, a virtual island of Indire (EdMondo) and Unicamearth Island a virtual island on geosciences education on server of University of Camerino.

Some published works on science education in 3D environments:
Boniello A., Paris E., 2014, Engage students using a serious game in an Open Sim, in proceeding IeD ,Vienna, 111.
Boniello A., Paris E., 2014, in 4°Scientific Days of School of Science and Technologies, Geosciences in virtual worlds: a path in the volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields, Camerino, University of Camerino.
Boniello A., Paris E., 2014, I Campi Flegrei nei Mondi Virtuali, DIDAMATICA2014 in atti del Convegno, Naples, 230-233
Boniello A., Lancellotti L., Macario M., Realdon G., Stroppa P., Didattica delle scienze della Terra: l’esperienza di Unicam Earth, Bricks e-journal, march 2014.
Boniello A., Paris E., Teaching Earth Science in Muve in Proceeding IeD 2013, King’s College London, UK, 172-173.
Boniello A., Gallitelli M., 2013, Inquiry Based Science Education in Virtual Worlds in Proceeding of International Workshop Science education and guidance in school: the way forward, CNR, University of Florence, Scuola di Sant’Anna Pisa, Florence, Italy.
Boniello A., Gallitelli M., Le scienze della terra in Virtual Worlds, Briks online Journal, september 2013
Boniello A., 2013, Disaster Management: a new perspective in education with MUVE, in III Scien-tific Day of Science and Technology, UNICAM, Camerino, june 12.
Boniello A., Gallitelli M., 2013, IBSE in Virtual World, Atti di Didamatica2013, Pisa.
Boniello A., Serious Game in Second Life, in Virtual World Best Practices in Education, e-journal Ro c k c l i f f e U n i v e r s i t y C o n s o r t i u m, 2011, 97

Areas of expertise: science education, virtual worlds, serious games, e-learning, school education.

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