New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Cecile de Hosson

Institution: LDAR – EA 1547 – Université Paris Diderot

Address: 89 Rue Didot

Postal Code: 75014

Country: France

Cécile de Hosson is associate professor at the physics department of the Université Paris Diderot where she teaches both physics and didactics of physics.

She is the head of the LDAR research team (mathematics and experimental sciences education research team of the Université Paris Diderot). Her research deals with the development of methodological frameworks in order to develop and evaluate educational and conceptual pathway leaning on tools such as history of science, 3D-immersive platform; comics for the leaning of physics. She is also responsible of the in-service teachers’ training department of the Université Paris Diderot.

Main publications :
de Hosson, C., Décamp N. (2013).Using Ancient Chinese and Greek Astronomical Data: A Training Sequence in Elementary Astronomy for Pre-Service Primary School Teachers, Science and Education. DOI 10.1007/s11191-013-9625-2nde Hosson, C., Doat, T., Kermen, I., Maisch, C., Parizot, E., Vézien, J.M. (2013). Learning scenarios for a 3D virtual environment: The case of special relativity. in. Burra, S., Michelini, M.; Santi, L. (Eds.), Frontiers of Fundamental Physics and Physics Education Research, vol. 145, The Netherlands : Springer.
Viennot, L. & de Hosson, C. (2012). Beyond a Dichotomic Approach, The Case of Colour Phenomena, International Journal of Science Education, 34 (9), 1315-1336.
Décamp, N. & de Hosson, C. (2012). Implementing Eratosthenes’ discovery in the classroom: some educational cares, Science and Education, 21 (6), 911-920.
de Hosson C. (2011). Una controversia histórica al servicio de una situación de aprendizaje: una reconstrucción didáctica basada en Diálogo sobre los dos máximos sistemas del mundo de Galileo, Enseñanza de las ciencias, 29 (1).
de Hosson C., Kermen I. & Parizot E. (2010). Exploring students’ understanding of reference frames and time in Galilean and special relativity, European Journal of Physics. 31 (3), 1527-1538.

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