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Dárida Maria Fernandes

Institution: School of Education of Porto Polytechnic

Country: Portugal

Dárida Maria Fernandes is the Coordinating Teacher of the Maths, Natural Sciences and Technology Technical-Scientific Unit of the Porto Polytechnic School of Education. She has a PhD in Maths Didactics from the University of Aveiro and a Master's Degree in Education in the speciality of Information Technologies from the University of Minho. She has a degree in Maths - Educational Branch from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and a Bachelor's degree from the Primary Teaching Course in Porto.
She has actively participated in national and international congresses, presenting papers resulting from research carried out on various topics, namely the teaching of algebra in an interdisciplinary context in formal and non-formal learning, and initial and ongoing teacher training.
Coordinator of the master's degree in teaching 1st and 2nd CEB and the current master's degree in teaching 1st CEB and Maths and Natural Sciences in 2nd CEB. Coordinator of various projects related to maths teaching: "Baú de Matemática" (9 years); "Envolvências Geométricas I e II - A Geometria na Cidade" (4 years), sponsored by the Ciência Viva programme, as well as "Divertir com o saber", a partnership with Vila Nova de Gaia City Council, in the social area (11 years). Coordinator of various training courses in the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching, namely the Ministerial Continuous Training Programme for 1st and 2nd CEB Teachers, for 6 years.
Professor and collaborator in the area of Maths at various European universities, namely in France, England, Estonia, Spain, Slovenia, Holland, Hungary, among others, as a result of institutional partnerships and a project to train primary school teachers at European level, called EPTE (European Primary Teachers Education). Leader at ESEPP, from 2012 to 2015, of the Induction Programme (PAEDEIA) involving five countries: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and Portugal. From 2017 to 2021, leader of the European UKIDS-entrepreneurship in Education programme at ESEPP. Keynote Speaker at various national and international conferences in the area of Maths and Maths Teaching. She is the author of textbooks for the 1st grade and roadmaps for innovating practices in this subject, as well as books for teachers and articles published in magazines and reference books. She has been a responsible trainer for various training courses, on her own initiative or in collaboration with other trainers for training centres, social solidarity institutions and others. Maths consultant in various institutions, developing innovative projects, one of which is related to the implementation of the "Singapore Method" and "Math Daily 3" being developed in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education in various institutions.
Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the ESEPP Centre for Research and Innovation in Education (inED) and member of the Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Continuing Teacher Education in Portugal.

Areas of expertise: Didactics, mathematics education, information technologies in context, initial and continuing teacher training, ethical issues

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