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Cristina Maia

Institution: School of Education of Porto, Polytechnic of Porto

Country: Portugal

Doctor in History with thesis in the scope of Historical Education and History of Education by the Faculty of Arts of University of Porto. Cristina Maia is a professor of Historical Sciences since 1990 with specialization in Teaching History and History of Education; integrated researcher of the Center for Transdisciplinary Research ¬ęCulture, Space and Memory¬Ľ (University of Porto, Portugal); collaborating researcher at the Center for Research and Innovation in Education (School of Education of Porto) and integrated member of the International Society for History Didactics at the University of Augsburg, Germany.

Trainer certified by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council for Continuous Training in the areas and domains of History/History of Portugal, Specific Didactics (History) and History of Civilizations with the promotion of hundreds of non-credited and accredited continuous teacher training actions.

Author, coauthor, and coordinator of works dedicated to History teaching; coordinator of textbook authors and textbook author for almost 30 years, has developed research in the field of History of Education, Didactics of History and Historical Education, with a special focus on sources such as that of the Georg Eckert Institut (Germany). She has research works published in several specialized magazines in the field of Historical Education and History of Education and participated in several joint works published by Porto Editora. She was responsible for the History section of the Netprof, Porto Editora website from its foundation (1997) until its completion (2008). Participation in various congresses, courses, and seminars, both in Portugal and abroad related to History and Heritage, his teaching and teaching activities.

Research lines: historical education, school textbooks, heritage education, history of education, teacher training, education.

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