New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 10

Presentation Typologies

All accepted papers at the virtual conference will be presented in the following modalities:

Synchronous Presentation

Authors of accepted papers will be asked if they are willing to present using pre-recorded 15 minutes videos or via live 15 minutes presentations. Further information and instruction can be found in the PDF under this paragraph.
Interactive Questions and Answers sessions will follow each paper presentation. Interactivity between speakers, moderators and attendees will be implemented both via voice and text. Networking Opportunities will be organized.
The deadline for sending the Powerpoint presentation and a video back-up copy of the synchronous presentation is 25 February 2021.

Synchronous Presentation Instructions

Asynchronous Presentation

Experts willing to have their papers published in the Conference Proceedings who are not able to connect and participate in the conference live can register and send their asynchronous presentation.
Asynchronous presentations are PowerPoint presentations or videos uploaded on the conference website. The presentation will therefore be accessible for all participants during and after the conference.
The deadline for sending the virtual presentation is 25 February 2021.

Asynchronous Presentation Instructions

Virtual Poster Presentation

This presentation modality is addressed to those who will participate in the Conference with a Virtual Poster.
A Virtual Poster presentation consists of a PDF and a video presentation of the poster produced by the author/s. The PDF and the video will be available throughout the entire conference time and interested audience will be able to contact the author through a networking area, available on the participant reserved area.
The deadline for sending the virtual poster is 25 February 2021.

Virtual Poster Presentation Instructions

Reserved area

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