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Laura Capelli

Institution: Education Office of the Liguria Regional Government

Country: Italy

Laura Capelli is a professor of mathematics, working at the Office the Regional Scholastic Office of Liguria for 10 years for the development of the tasks connected with the performance of the scholastic autonomy - Area support to the person and the student participation.
- Regional Reference for the IT Educ
- Reference for Scientific Education,
- Reference in multimedia plans to artistic address.
- Nomination to scientific member of European Committee of plans.
- Organization and drawing up of publications.
- Teaching Supervisor of the training in the School of Specialization for the Scientific address .
- Coordinator of a course of laboratory of Didactics of the mathematics of the school of specialization for the exercise and attend to the relative examination.
- Didactic assignment near the mathematical institute of engineering:
- Member of the Commission of Examination to all the effects with the title of Expert of the Subject
- Laura is part of the Nucleus of Didactic Search “MACOSA”, on the education of the Mathematics in the Advanced Secondary School , in the Department of Mathematics of the University of Genoa.
- Laura coordinator of the course of scientific address of 49 hours and holder of the relative university examination of the School of Specialization to the Secondary instruction of the University of Genoa (SSIS).
- Laura graduated in in Mathematics.
Laura is Doctor of philosophy in Mathematical Engineering and Simulation (University of Genoa School of Engineering.

Area of Expertise: Mathematical Engineering and Simulation

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