New Perspectives in Science Education

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Tobias Schmohl

Institution: OWL University of Applied Sciences and Hamburg Centre for University Teaching & Learning (HUL)

Country: Germany

Tobias Schmohl is a educational researcher and science educator who currently works at the Hamburg Center for University Teaching and Learning (HUL), which is an higher educational research center affiliated to University of Hamburg, Germany.
Here, he is building up an innovative module in an Executive Master's degree programme focusing on researcher's tacit underlying assumptions when conducting inquiries in their disciplines. The module aims at making these assumptions explicit and therefore it stresses the effects they have on researcher's teaching conceptions in this discipline.
Tobias obtained his PhD in the field of General Rhetorical Sciences after graduating in Rhetorics, Philosophy, German Studies and International Comparative Studies.
Tobias was a programme director at Zeppelin University (Lake Constance, Friedrichshafen, Germany), managing an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme (Sociology, Politics & Economics) and a consecutive Master’s programme (General Management). Prior to this, he was responsible for a blended learning project („Virtuelle Rhetorik“) and worked as a researcher at University of Tuebingen’s German Department.
In 2017, besides his position at the HUL, Tobias holds guest lectureships at the Universities of Stuttgart, Hannover, Tuebingen, Kassel and Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen.
Full CV and more information:

Area of Expertise: Areas of expertise: philosophy of science in education, theoretical approaches towards higher education, design cybernetics, science rhetorics

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