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Rasa Balte-Balciuniene

Institution: UAB Harmoningos Asmenybės Institutas

Country: Lithuania

Rasa Balčiūnienė is a founder and a General Director of institute “HAI.LT” (13 years) and professional aesthetics company “Femina Bona” (25 years). She is a consultant and trainer for conscious leadership, business and personality transformation, social innovations as well as author of training programs. She is also a co-founder of Institute of Image Studies.

Rasa is the idea leader, organiser and producer of international interdisciplinary forums “NEW MEANINGS IN BUSINESS” as well as conferences, educational events for search of innovative ideas in Lithuania:
• Forum “Stereotypes of a Small Country” (2010);
• Forum “Innovative Forms for Collaboration and Training” (2011);
• Forum “Alternative Approach towards Money” (2011);
• Forum “The School of the Future” (2011);
• Lecture and Discussion: “Cultural Influence on Politics and Progress in Society” – the Lithuanian Parliament (2011);
• Forum “Different Forms of Innovative Collaboration Among Lithuania’s Consultants” (2011);
• Forum “Socially Responsible Business Elite” (2012);
• International Business Forum “New Meanings in Business” (2013, 2014, 2017 - Baikal) author and moderator;
• International Business Forum “Inversion of Thought: Where Should Businesses Invest Today” (2014) author and moderator;
• Week of Round-Table Dialogs on Art Psychology (AMRES project): Art Psychology and Education, Art Psychology and Fashion, Art Psychology and Visual Communication, Art Psychology and Creative Mind (2016).
• International Forum “New Meanings in Business: rethinking Paradigm of Creative Mind” (2018).

Rasa is the initiator of a number of innovative educational projects. She is the organiser of educational pilot project based on Mutual Learning Principle: exchanging experiences among business organisations and university and high school students.

Rasa recently formed a “HAI.LT International HUB” that develops international activities for Projects of Intellectual Leadership, Business and Education Links and Export of Innovative Education.

Rasa organises and delivers training programs, conference speeches on impact of images for business, youth, fashion and life choices of people in different countries. Her projects – international forums, seminars, experiential master – classes on development of creative mind attracts businesses, youth, artists and creators from different areas. Those projects are based on art psychology and represents series of educational events under the project “AMRES” (restoration of art consciousness) and “Creative Mind Development”.

Her presentation “THE PROBLEM OF CREATIVITY: WHAT IMAGES DO YOUNG PEOPLE CHOOSE?” was chosen as the best paper presentation at the conference “Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research” in Dubai (UAE), in 2018.

Rasa holds Bachelor’s in Engineering and Technology Degree from Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania), Master of Business Administration Degree from Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), Social Ontopsychology from University of Social Education in Moscow (Russia). She also holds certifications for Organizational Teaching Consultant (International Systemic Consulting Institute), Coaching Specialist (St. Petersburg’s Coaching Institute), and Systemic Organizational Management (Blumenstein Consulting Center, Austria).

Areas of expertise: Conscious leadership, business transformations, personal couching, social innovations, educational innovations, international business links, international multidisciplinary forums, impact of images, adult education, programs and lectures for university students, art psychology, psychology of creative mind.

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