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Carla Freire

Institution: ESECS - Politécnico de Leiria

Country: Portugal

Carla Sofia Freire is the coordinator of the master’s degree in “Accessible Communication” since 2014 and Professor in the School of Education and Social Sciences, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria since 2005.
Carla holds a PhD in Multimedia Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya with the thesis “Introdução de ferramentas multimédia num contexto de terapia: Estudo exploratório aplicado à terapia de pacientes esquizofrénicos” (Introduction of multimedia tools in a therapy settings: Exploratory study applied to schizophrenic patients therapy); post graduated studies in Educational Communication and Digital Media at Universidade Aberta; and a degree in New Communication Technologies at Universidade de Aveiro.
Carla is an integrated member of the Centre of Studies in Education and Innovation (CI&DEI), and collaborates with Inclusion and Accessibility in Action Observatory (iACT-CICS.NOVA), having as major research interests, accessibility and inclusion, ICT and multimedia in education and in communication; Intervention in community using technologies and arts. Member of the Organizational and Scientific Committees of the International Conference for Inclusion - INCLUDiT since 2013.
Currently Carla participates in: ProLearn4ALL, Pedagogical Tools for ALL, an intervention project, co-financed by FEDER, in educational settings that aims to increase knowledge of primary school children, about disability to awareness them to difference in human being and promote inclusion; Orienta4YEL, an Erasmus + project that aims to develop and implement mechanisms of orientation and tutorial action to foster educational and social inclusion of young people at risk of exclusion due to early leaving or for being at risk of early leaving; and collaborates with EAPN Portugal (European Anti-Poverty Network) in the project “Despir os preconceitos, vestir a inclusão” (undress prejudice, dress inclusion) in the assessment of the project that aims to educate children to citizenship, regarding gender equality, inter-generational diversity, interculturality and health and good habits.
Some of Carla’s recent publications include: Fragata, N., Amaral, T. Freire, C. Mangas, C. (2018). Critical thinking to build creative solutions: Prolearn4all project contributions. Internacional Conference on Active Learning and Education (26-27 setembro, 2018). Instituto Politécnico de Viseu; Mangas, C., Freire, C. & Santos, O. (2018). ProLearn4ALL Maletas Pedagógicas para TODOS: Estratégias e metodologias de avaliação qualitativa. In A.P Costa, D.N Souza, P.A.Castro, R.A.Saavedra & S.O. Sá (Ed.), Atas de Investigação qualitativa na Educação (V1), 7º Congresso Ibero-Americano em Investigação Qualitativa. (pp. 720-728). ISBN: 978-972-8914-75-2; Freire, C. & Larrea, C. (2018). Massive; On-line Open Courses: Preferencias de aprendizaje de los usuarios. In D. Alves, H. G. Pinto, I. S. Dias, M. O. Abreu & R. G. Muñoz (Orgs.), VII Conferência Internacional Investigação, Práticas e Contextos em Educação 2018 (pp. 165-173). Leiria, Portugal: Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais. ISBN:978-989-8797-20-9.

Areas of expertise: Accessible Communication, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to Education, Multimedia Communication, Intervention in community through arts;

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