New Perspectives in Science Education

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Jiřina Rajsiglová

Institution: Charles University

Country: Czech Republic

Jiřina is an assistant professor at the Department of Didactics and Teaching at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University, where she has been working since 2008. Since 2001, he has also been a secondary school teacher and has been teaching biology and chemistry at the Eliška Krásnohorská Grammar School. During 2001-2008 she worked closely with the Department of Didactics and Chemistry at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University.

In 2002 Jiřina graduated from the Charles University Faculty of Natural Sciences in Prague, where she studied the field of General Education Teaching for Secondary Schools of Biology and Chemistry. She subsequently obtained a doctorate in the field of Didactics of Chemistry at the same faculty within the postgraduate studies, where in 2012 she successfully defended a dissertation entitled "Activation methods and forms in the teaching of science subjects". During her doctoral studies, she spent a semester internship at the University of Oulu, Finland.

At the Department of Didactics and Biology Teaching, Jirina coordinates the award of bachelor's theses. At the same time, many bachelor and diploma theses led. Its focus is related to activation methods and forms in the teaching of science subjects, especially with regard to biology and chemistry according to her graduated study approval. She focuses among other things on the potential of project based learning, group work and cooperative activities, which can stimulate pupils' interest and make the teaching of the subjects mentioned more attractive.

This is also related to her teaching at the faculty. Jirina is engaged in pregradual teaching of future teachers who have the biology approval. The didactic subjects include, for example, Current Issues in Biology Teaching, Didactic Aspects of Biology Teaching, Didactics of Biology, or, Last but not least, Cross-Thematic Topics in Biology Teaching. Her professional activity is also related to the education of students who completed biology study programs and are interested in completing their education on the field of didactics of biology and related pedagogical-psychological disciplines.

Her research activities are aimed at beginning teachers and their satisfaction in real school practice, as well as on methods and forms that can be used to make the teaching of natural science subjects more attractive at secondary and elementary schools.

Areas of expertise:
Problems of beginning teachers and their satisfaction in real school practice.
Effectiveness of methods and forms in the teaching of natural sciences, activation of pupils, methodology and implementation of didactic aspects in the teaching of biology.
Teaching through group and cooperative work.

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