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Blendi Dibra

Institution: President of Young Intellectuals, Hope, Association

Country: Albania

Mr.Blendi Dibra is an Albanian lawyer, by profession advocate and licensed from Albanian Ministry of Justice as official mediator of disputes and conflicts. Since 1994, Mr.Dibra is an active leader of Albanian civil society, working with different projects at national and international level. He is member of the European network of third sector leaders,
Over the past two years He worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in both private and public sectors and actually is working as lecturer in public and private Universities the field of Public Law. He earned his MBA in Public Law and actually is following its PhD studies at European University of Tirana in Albania.
Mr.Dibra participated in several international conferences and the recent ones was:
a) organised from University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, 16-17 November 2012, “Toward future sustainable development”, presenting the paper “Public participation as important tool to promote sustainable development”
b) organised from “Beder” University, 18-19 May 2012, in cooperation with University of Tirana by the topic “Human Rights in the XXI century” presenting the paper “Public participation as important instrument to strength democracy”

The recent article published from Mr.Dibra are:
a) “Public participation as an important tool to promote sustainable development” published in the “International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Sciences (IJEES). ISSN 2224-4980, Volume 3, issue I, January, 2013,
b) “Reform of administrative system in the Republic of Albania” issue 46 of the magazine “Parlamentary Law and policies”
He’s future goal is to build a program of Peace Studies in Albania

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