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Applying Transformational Learning within Organizational Settings

Carmine Gibaldi, Harvard & St. John's University (United States)


Transformational learning can be defined as learning that induces more far-reaching change in the learner than other kinds of learning, especially learning experiences which shape the learner and produce a significant impact, or paradigm shift, which affects the learner's sebsequent experiences.

Given that transformational learning theory remains one of the most influential theories in the filed of adult education, studies on how to best apply and foster trasformative learning, particularly in the workplace remain limited. What is of great import and significance is the amount of learning that takes place within workplaces, and that the people learning are always adults.  This paper/presentation will attempt to present some evidence regarding how trasformational learning has and can influence changes to practice, processes, and organizational culture in organizatgions and specifically within training and development, as well as in assisting the creation of "learning organizations".  In addition to the work of Jack Mezirow (the pioneer in the field), work of others will be consider, including that of Edward Taylor, and John Dirkx.


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