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Edition 13

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Second Generation Immigrants And The Educational System

Denata Laro, University of Durres (Albania)


Albanian  education is trying to emerge from a total black-out that has accompanied these difficult transition years. In these improvement efforts is a very special sector that has come to light, migrants return home. This long-standing wounds of albanians is experiencing a boomerang effect, integrating this target group, not in the host countries but in the origin country. Costumization not only in social and economic terms but in terms of education. Beside the annual changes that occur in our education system, an emergency is the reintegration of returnees children to our educational system. An integration that was written in the letters but absent in everyday educational activities. Now more than ever, when the number of returned migrantsis growing daily, a direct action plan for reintegration is needed. These children come with many difficulties, especially in terms of language. This article aims to analyze the gaps and the needs of this difficult process. Currently this process remain in the teacher’s hand, without a unified plan of work and such a program. The need for change is urgent, as well as overall integration of these returnees.

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