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A Qualıtatıve Study Examınıng the Effect of Scamper Technıc on Concept Learnıng : Ege Unıversıty Example

Banu Çiçek Seyhan, Giresun Üniversty Faculty of Education (Turkey)

Habibe Bay, Ege Üniversity Atatürk Vocational Heath School (Turkey)


Known as the process of terminal behavoiur alteration as purposeful via his/her own life, eduacation encapsulates roughly 16 years of an individual`s life including the undergraduate study. It is observed both in theory and practice that some of the terms and concepts have not yet been obtained despite the bachelor education that the individual has oriented throughout that period. The basic reason lying behind is that as a result of the education done with a traditional method the terms and concepts that the individual has learnt are seen to be learnt only in theory but not applied in practice or the fact that the required codes to transfer the knowledge obtained from short term memory to long term one can not be individuated and used actively. By this study; it has been aimed to measure the effect of Scamper (oriented brain storming) technic which is thought to help indivuduating and perpetuating of learning the abstract, complex or the foreign termed parts of knowledge on concept learning after cognitive process. In accordance with this purpose Ege University is the set of the population of the study while the sampling is formed by 4. Grade students of Midwifery School of Atatürk Vocational Heath School.  Sampling group who is on the verge of completing their bachelor degree has been asked what is the term they have had the biggest difficulty in learning during their bachelor study,  frequency and percentage distribution have been evaluated by SCAMPER technic. As a result of the analysis of these terms ``DIC’’ has been found to be the hardest. The sample has been seperated into test and control group randomly and both group has been asked what they remember related to determined term DIC (YDP) and preparadness has been checked. Before the application is started both group has been explained DIC phases besides, the test group has been given information about SCAMPER technic. After the application control and test group have been asked what they have learnt and test group has been requested to do application related to how they can be implemented cognitive process with SCAMPER technic. In addition to this, after 4 weeks both group have been implemented the same application related to the permanency of the term and the obtained data has been subjected to content analysis with qualitative analysis. As a result of this study; with a result in favour of the test group who has been subjected to the test of measuring SCAMPER technic`s effect on learning and perpetuating the term that is the most difficult, it has been observed that SCAMPER is both more effective in the learning and usage of the terms and increases permanency of the terms that the individual orient with his/her own cognitive process.  

Key Words: SCAMPER, DİC( YDP),  Concept Learning, Oriented Brain Storming

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