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Strategies for Inclusion of Students with ADHD Through Music and Physical Pducation in Primary School

Anca Simion, Babes-Bolyai University (Romania)


Musical and physical education classes are very common among the Romanian curriculum for primary school. The classes are limited to two hours per week. Students with ADHD are included in the romanian public school system without special requirements. The current paper presents an experimental programme that consists in extra-curricular music and physical education classes. The primary school teacher indicated to the parents of students with ADHD that it is important to create a educational context that is appropriate for their needs. The parents were open to consider the experimental programme that was suggested. Novelty is an important element in the case of ADHD students. Considering the structure of music and physical education classes, we can find the perfect elements that can help the student to overcome the manifestations of ADHD. The experimental programme started in a school from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The children involved in the programme had an improvement in dealing with certain tasks at the classroom. 

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