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DigiMathArt – Connecting Math and Art through Programming. A Method of Creating New Neural Networks

Adriana Braescu, Association Re-design (Romania)

Roxana Drăgănoiu, Association Re-Design (Romania)


Learning should be a natural, pure and joyful experience – even in schools, if we take into account that the old English scōl, scolu, came via Latin from the Greek skholē, which means leisure, philosophy, lecture place (according to the Oxford Dictionaries). Many people think that Math, or Programming, or Art are tough jobs, which require special talent or dedication. They are taught, in schools or otherwise, that they use only some specific types of intelligences, and the others are simply switched off – which is not true, as neurosciences try to prove for some time, since neuroimaging took its turn in the investigation methods of the brain function. Here comes the DigiMathArt, an experience that involves many regions of the brain – both from right and left hemispheres – a method that captivates and engages in further approach by its unique concept – using Math to create Art forms through Programming. Kids are thrilled to create, and crave to learn more in order to generate new forms and colours – fractals are the most complex. Most of the pupils involved are girls, who discover the world of programming through art. The development of special neural networks and the general brain development are studied by comparison to the classic learning style of the same math concepts. 

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