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Training and knowledge evaluation solutions based on individual skills development

Vida Drasute, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

Saulius Pavalkis, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

Sigitas Drasutis, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)


Both, educational institutions and enterprises meet the challenge: the existing learning solutions are not enough effective to cover students and employees demands. Modern society is facing constant grow of information delivered to its individuals. If there is a wish to keep pace with flow and to remain competitive we become lifelong learners. However with current learning infrastructure institutions are experiencing the problems, such as different level of knowledge among students/employees affects quality of studies/work, goals and priorities, obscurity how to keep students/employees’ knowledge in a required level, lack of process self-control mechanisms.

Solution for this is ICT based modern educational applications geared towards active teaching and learning, the timely transmission of information, rationalized provision of learning syllabus and its adaptation to the learner's individual needs and characteristics is an effective way to raise the quality in education. The ability to be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions and to heterogeneous learner competence plays a vital role in the exploitation of e-learning systems.

The article deals with rational provision of learning material and individual knowledge evaluation methods developed in Moodle - Open Source Course Management System and Cameo Business Modeler – OMG BPMN process modeling tool. Article presents common need analysis and practical review for given solutions. One of the proposed solutions is suggested and realized in Kaunas University of Technology, while developing doctoral dissertation thesis. Used method is based on latent semantic indexing algorithm. Other with the help of Knowledge Center, where all business processes are improved and followed by enterprise employees. The project was part of systematic changes that took place in the company; the knowledge is used for related projects as well: Oracle E-Business Suite business management system and IBM Cognos BI planning and reporting systems are integrated into the company infrastructure.

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