The Future of Education

Edition 13

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Social Networks and EFL Teachers' Professional Development

Ahmed Hosam, MoE, Yemen (Yemen)



Many English language teachers use social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Tesol blogs, LinkedIn and so on everyday. It becomes easy to access these social networks even via their mobiles. Therefore, the presenter will discuss how to make use of these social networks to the fullest for the sake of English language teachers' professional development. The presenter will use a PowerPoint presentation presenting some professional development social networks. He will talk about how English teachers can enhance and improve their teaching knowledge in an interesting and easy way. For example, here in Yemen we have an interactive TESOL Facebook  group called TESOL,YEMEN where English teachers share their teaching ideas and exchange their best practices and experiences. They post professional development books, files and posters However, participants are asked to share their own ideas and experiences. The presenter will present some ways of encouraging English teachers making use of these social networks such as workshops, posters and engaging them in an online training. In addition, encouraging English teachers to use this technology in their teaching creating their own interactive professional development communities of practice.

            The participants will be introduced to various types of teacher professional development. They will be engaged in sequence of interactive activities such as group discussions and pair work. They will be shown how to create their own professional development Facebook groups, LinkedIn, MOOCs on WizIQ, Google+ and Tesol blogs. There will be a time for questions.


MoE, Yemen

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