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A Comparative Study of Using Blended Learning in Middle School Science versus Traditional Teaching

Saloom Aslam, Beaconhouse (Pakistan)


The rapid growth in the use of technology particularly the use of web based technologies and communications have provided an opportunity to educators around the world to investigate the most suitable learning environments that would cater students’ diverse learning styles. The purpose of this study was to compare the use of blended learning in middle school science with traditional teaching. This study was conducted with one hundred and fifty grade eight science students studying at local private schools of Lahore. A mixed method research approach was used which included pre – test and post – test design along with non-participant observations and interviews. The t- test analysis on independent samples revealed statistically significant differences in students’ performance based on the results of pre-test and post-test of two groups (control and experimental). Based on the findings, blended learning model appears to be an alternative teaching strategy that should be embraced by science teachers in order to help students learn better.


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