The Future of Education

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The Educational Crisis in the Postmodern Era and the Relationship between it and the Significant Rise in Homeschooling

Ari Neuman, Department of Education, Western Galilee College (Israel)

Oz Guterman, Western Galilee College (Israel)


Many researchers have pointed out that the educational system is undergoing a crisis (see Aviram, 1996; 2010).  The crisis is expressed in the goals of the educational system – the difficulty in defining clear goals for the functioning of the educational system. It is also expressed in the educational system’s area of performance – for example, the perception of the system as irrelevant to the practical needs of the students’ lives  . In addition, the crisis is expressed in the area of results, that is, the decline in academic achievement, the rise in the level of school violence, and so on.  There are many consequences of the crisis in education, including the creation of alternative movements in education that offer an option other than the existing educational system. One of the movements that stands out the most, in that it differs from the conventional educational system and in the high rate of increase of this phenomenon in recent decades, is homeschooling.  However, is it indeed possible to see the significant increase in the number of those who have chosen homeschooling in recent decades as an outcome of this crisis?  The present study makes use of qualitative and quantitative tools: in-depth interviews with homeschooling parents and position surveys that were administered in this population.  The findings indicate that to a large extent it is possible to see this trend as part of a greater process of change in parents’ positions regarding the educational system.  These findings shed light on the trend in the field of education and on the factors that stand at its base.

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