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Developing teaching material to integrate nanoscience into high school scientific curriculum

Junyi Chen, National Chiayi University (Taiwan, Republic of China)


The field of nanoscience makes the industry has great progress and research results. It shows we need to nurture the professionals in nanoscience. One of the significant issues of science education is to integrate nanoscience into high school scientific curriculum. The purpose of this study is to integrate the nanoscience topics into high school science curriculum and to design nanoscience teaching modules. Seven topics on nanoscience were adopted to develop teaching modules. Each teaching module has a teaching handbook and a student handbook. The content of teaching handbook includes design idea, teaching goal, curriculum framework, key conception, misconception, teaching material and teaching process. These teaching modules were implemented in science classes in six high schools. The participants involve 939 junior high school students and 261senior high school students. After teaching, the questionnaires were used to investigate teachers’ and students’ feedback on teaching modules. It was found that the teachers thought the teaching handbooks are useful to realize students’ misconception and understand nanoscience conceptions. They are willing to integrate nanoscience into their science classes. Most students favored to learn nanoscience. They expect their teachers to teach more nanoscience conceptions.

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