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A Corpus Based Study on Gerundials: Finding the Primary Gerundial Structures for Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

bulent ozkan, Mersin University (Turkey)


Nowadays, linguistic studies can be conducted in databases in which research questions have the possible answers, and those answers of the research questions can provide descriptions. Gerundial, which provides expressive functions, prevents redundant use of the words and makes the thought easy to transfer, is important in Turkish regarding the frequency of use. Up to now, when the studies on gerundial have been taken into consideration, it can be claimed that previous studies have covered a limited area of Turkish archives. In that sense, it is of high importance to evaluate Turkish with a corpus to teach Turkish as a foreign language. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to evaluate gerunds, participles, verbal adverbs, which are in the category of verbals/gerundial for many researchers, with a corpus of 35.000.000 words (+/-) to find out the primary structures for teaching Turkish as a foreign language. In this respect, the research question of the study is "What are the primary gerundials in teaching Turkish as a foreign language?" This study has been prepared in line with the data of the project (number: 114R033) of The Scientific and the Research Council of Turkey named as "Gerundials in Turkey Turkish"

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