The Future of Education

Edition 14

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The Experience of a New University Teacher: The Participation in a Training Program for Novices

Maria Isabel Brun-Martos, University Jaume I (Spain)


The first teaching experiences at university are known to have a huge impact in the overall performance of the teacher in the future. It is for this reason that a good initial training that specially guides the beginner to the first teaching tasks is remarkably important. Many Spanish universities have implemented programs to train the newly-come teachers. This is the case of the University Jaume I (Castellón). Hence, the aim of this study is to analyse the program of training and mentoring addressed to novice teachers promoted by this university, highlighting my own experience as a novice teacher and recent participant in this initiative. Additionally, and as part of the training program, I explain the teaching improvement developed in my second year at the university. After the analysis, I stress the positive impact that my participation in all the stages of the program has reported me, and the positive effect of the improvements carried out compared with the first year. Finally, I emphasise the great importance of these training programs for beginners, and I encourage them to participate in these initiatives to overcome the limitations that novice university teachers encounter in Spain due to our limited pedagogical training.

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