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Fine metal innovative visions between tradition and modernity to confirm the features of the Mecca’s identity

Neivein Abdul Ghafar Ahmed, Doctor of Metal works - Department of Art Education Faculty in Specific Education-Alexandria University Alexandria (Egypt)

Mona Ibrahim Hussein, Professor of Design - Department of Art Education - Faculty of Education - Umm Al Qura University Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)


Research Theme:

Mecca is a holy city has the grand mosque which contains Kaaba. So as that area has the soul of originality with the holy place in parallel beside the civilized development with the modern life.The community of Mecca has the features of different races from all kinds coming from several places. So it is considered multi cultural community that allows reforming that area with various artistic features and it has unique model of traits that reflects the nature of the place[1].Therefore the role of art education teacher comes in emphasizing the tradition and modernity, its impacts on the style of art education students.

Thus, the aim of the development of art education teacher artistic creative ideas to contribute to the consolidation of heritage and focus on the most important landmarks in the kingdom, and linking Mecca heritage and the contemporary emphasis on the Arab identity and culture of Saudi Arabia[2].

So,This current study applies the experimental method in the practical side on the students of Department of Art Education-Umm Al Qura University in Saudi Arabia through a set of artistic applied practices which representing an important role in various creative processes formation of the technical methods used in the implementation of the bi-metal crafts techniques or three-dimensional, to find connection and effective communication between the teachers and students of art education with the surrounding environment to emphasize the features of the Arabic culture and identity.

The problem:

Possibility of integrating the features of the original and modern arts of Mecca’s heritage in Saudi Arabia to produce metallic artworks to be a new entrance for emphasize the Arabic cultural identity in Saudi Arabia?

Research importance:

The development of creative thinking skills for students of art education through the study of ancient heritage of Mecca and practicing the experimental thinking using the metal techniques to introduce contemporary metal artworks.   


1-The possibility of adapting the metal in the formulations of art that combines the nobility of heritage and contemporary technology.

2-Emphasize the identity and culture of Saudi Arabia to the students of art education.

Research Methodology:

Follows the descriptive and analytical method in the theoretical side, and follows the experimental method in the practicing side.

Applications and Results:

Applied experience depends on the Group of metal crafts for students of the Department of Art Education at the University of Umm Al-Qura, which is characterized by emphasizing the aesthetic and functional values by integrating with contemporary originality contribute to the development of creative thinking skills.


[1]Abdel,M.(2003).Global civilization and its effect on identity.Cairo:Fourth scientific conference“Developing fine art education in the globalization.Helwan University.

[2]Al Emary&Obaid,(1985).The heritage and modernity.Book of Nation no.10th,1stEdition.Qatar.

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