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Free-Form Ethics Assessment and Training- A Case Study

Byron M. Lawson Jr, St. Marks School of Texas (United States)


This paper assesses ethics instruction in an all male, middle and secondary school, American environment. I used core questions, specific to the discipline of History, and localized to the American experience, that dealt with various aspects of the America experiment: slavery, racism, segregation, domestic terrorism, and human vs. constitutional rights. When feasible, developmentally appropriate versions of the core question were submitted across multiple school divisions to interpret just how boys address ethical dilemma. Students wrote in an online-shared, and non-shared format. The goals of the study matched to goals of the schools stated mission.  Educators are encouraged to teach and regulate acceptable student behavior, with the higher goal of equipping boys with the tools they will need to arrive at an ethically sound decisions regularly.  By requiring that students answer core questions across at developmentally important stages, we are able to gauge the breadth of behavioral possibilities in a laboratory context.


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