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Incorporating Social Media, Digital Learning Tools and CLIL In Language Classroom

Liisa Wallenius, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)


Digitalisation and social media are a fundamental part of our environment today in business and education as well as our everyday lives. Incorporating digitalisation into language learning can increase learner motivation, learning and it creates a link between language and other studies as well as links work life competences. On Porvoo Campus of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences the approach to learning is enquiry learning. Nearly all learning modules are integrated into semester projects commissioned by enterprises. Even the language classes are involved in the semester projects.

   This paper discusses experiences of the CLIL classroom where social media and digital tools are used to enhance learning and learner involvement. The experiences will be illustrated with practical examples in the programme in tourism and the Swedish classes where e-marketing and –sales in leisure tourism are in focus. Furthermore, the author is a member in an ongoing national project on developing Swedish language teaching in higher education, and she will present some of her project findings.

   The social media incorporated in the language class are Facebook, blogs, Trip Advisor and YouTube. Also, e-learning tools and digital games, such as Padlet, Today’s Meet and Kahoot, are used to increase learner involvement and empowerment. In addition, the presentation will exemplify how digital portals and applications of various distributors and service produces are used as authentic learning materials and CLIL.


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