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Computer-enhanced technology in Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Cleo Bletsa, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)


Technology has provided educators and learners with a wide range of resources which can be used in numerous creative ways to promote Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Previous research has illustrated the effectiveness of technological tools in instructed SLA, especially when they are incorporated in the learning process as an integral part of it. Regardless of the specific tools employed in surveys or the particular disciplines under investigation, it is assumed that instructors and students of any educational field can benefit from the integration of any technological means in learning. Innovative techniques enhance SLA and language skills are improved, while motivation and learner autonomy are promoted. The authenticity and versatility of the available materials are qualities which maximize each learner’s potential and facilitate learning.  The need for re-conceptualization of terms, methods and approaches to learning and SLA is also considered imperative by a number of authors and researchers. A new theoretical approach to SLA which provides the ground for principled and systematic use of technology is necessary to be further researched in the future

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