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An Eye on Using Authentic Reading Materials: Practice & Adaptation

Munira AL-Wahaibi, Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)

Wafa Al-Hosni, Modern College of Business & Science (Oman)


This paper is intended to provide practical guidelines to language teachers who are thinking of using authentic language materials for the first time, or those who are seeking new pathways to utilize such materials in their ESL reading classes. To accomplish this goal, the paper contains three main sections. The first section exhibits the researchers own definition and categories of reading authentic materials based on their own teaching experiences and  their readings about some previous theories and publications and attitudes and beliefs of some educators around the world on this issue. In fact, they divide the authenticity of any language reading materials into three dimensions; text, task and learner authenticity. Then, the paper focuses on exposing students to these three categories of reading authentic materials in real classroom settings in order to reveal their perspectives about whether using these materials will help gearing them toward enhancing their language reading comprehension skills. Finally, the paper highlights the challenges the researchers face in harnessing such materials for providing an enjoyable, useful and comprehensible language reading classes. 

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