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Edition 13

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Intercultural Interaction, Utilization of Cultural Elements and Second Language Education: The Example of French Institute in Izmir

Nesibe Mirza, Dokuz Eylul University, School of Foreign Languages (Turkey)

Nurkan Açıkgöz, instructor (Turkey)


For centuries, countries; accordingly, cultures have needed to communicate and interact with each other for many reasons (war, agreement, information, news, etc.) Furthermore, this need for communication has required the learning of other foreign languages. In order to learn about other cultures, humankind has started to learn foreign languages; however, nowadays, the use of cultural elements in foreign language classes has turned into a technique for the teaching of some cultural elements. The aim of this paper is to investigate the activities in giving information to the students about a specific country and teaching its culture at a Cultural Institute and also to research its contribution to foreign language education and; thus, acquisition of a foreign language. In our study as academicians, the researchers are supported by the director of trainers at “Institut  Français” ( French Institute)  for focus group interviews.

Key words: Acquisition of a foreign language, intercultural interaction, utilization of cultural elements in foreign language classes 

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