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Implementation of the ESF Programme „Raising the Qualifications of General Education Teachers 2008-2014”: Successes and Challenges

Keiu Tamm, Foundation Innove (Estonia)

Elve Kukk, Foundadtion Innove (Estonia)


Poster Presentation

Keiu Tamm and Elve Kukk, Estonia

The purpose of the ESF programme is to create conditions that would support the professional development and activity of general education teachers throughout their careers. The programme activities are aimed at providing teachers with support in their professional development, creating conditions for greater involvement of teachers through establishment of teachers’ cooperation networks, and at improving the quality of in-service training for teachers. 

The given poster presentation focuses on the advantages the programme implementation has given as well as it addresses the challenges that have been faced in the process of carrying out programme activities. A well-functioning networking system of subject-teachers’ associations can be considered the biggest success the programme has achieved. The system allowed to bring cooperation among teachers at a new level of trust, experience exchange and quality. Consequently, the new dimension of teachers’ cooperation resulted in new ideas on subject teaching and a better quality of content delivery in the classroom. However, creating of the system has required a lot of work and dedication, as numerous challenges had to be faced and overcome.

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